Happy New Year!

Do you make, then keep, new year's resolutions?

I like to spend the week before the New Year cleaning out closets and making my to do list for the next year. I include at least 1-2 lifelong wanna dos; one trip to a place I have always wanted to visit, and at least one new thing I want to learn. Sometimes I transfer items I didn't do from previous years, like beekeeping. I had been musing about adding honeybees to my garden for a number of years and finally did so in 2010. I had no intention of harvesting honey, nor did I know buzzing bees would learn to recognize me and keep me company in the garden.

I sometimes also pursue a theme. One year I had fun with raspberries; another year I set aside my fear of heights and learned to ski.

What will you have on your to do list for the new year?