Happy New Year!

Do you make, then keep, new year's resolutions?

I like to spend the week before the New Year cleaning out closets and making my to do list for the next year. I include at least 1-2 lifelong wanna dos; one trip to a place I have always wanted to visit, and at least one new thing I want to learn. Sometimes I transfer items I didn't do from previous years, like beekeeping. I had been musing about adding honeybees to my garden for a number of years and finally did so in 2010. I had no intention of harvesting honey, nor did I know buzzing bees would learn to recognize me and keep me company in the garden.

I sometimes also pursue a theme. One year I had fun with raspberries; another year I set aside my fear of heights and learned to ski.

What will you have on your to do list for the new year?


Your Lucky Day!

Who doesn't remember spending a warm spring day looking for four leaf clovers? Those memories came flooding back when I found this pressed four leaf clover among pages of a wildflower book a friend recently gave me. At first I thought it was something she forgot she had pressed in the book. When I saw her next, she asked if I had found the four leaf clover book mark she had found in her back yard. Inspired by the thought, I made a four leaf clover out of felt, glued a matching green ribbon and gave it to her in a cookbook gift set for her birthday.

Great way to give back, don't you think?



Welcome to Made Just For You.

I started Bluebird Gardens in 1998 on the premise that everyone can make
something; they just don’t always think of it as being special.
In my world, it is the thought that counts.
I’ll let you in on a little secret; making something for someone is
sometimes more fun than giving it away.
I’ll be featuring those wonderful homemade handmade things,
and the people who are special enough to get them.

What are you making?