In Memory Of

I catch myself sometimes when I hear someone describe Bluebird Gardens as a quilt-making company. Considering the projects we complete, I think of us more as repurposing memories, especially on this Memorial Day weekend when we should take time out to remember loved ones who are no longer with us.

We do make a wide range of custom quilts; some traditional, most unique to the customer. What makes our custom quilts and associated projects different is that often we are making a memory catcher for someone who has died. It may be a quilt out of clothing from a departed husband; a wife who died of cancer, or a quilt a wife with cancer is having us make for each of her children so they will remember her when she's gone.

The quilts out of departed children's clothing with pictures are the hardest. Looking at those young faces, I think about the souls those faces represent who have left us much too soon.

To some, Memorial Day weekend is about the beginning of summer. To us at Bluebird Gardens, Memorial Day weekend is a time to remember all of our customers and the memories we were honored to help them capture.