Christmas Log Cabin Quilt

Christmas may be over but it inspires me to start thinking about what to make for next year. The colors in this handmade quilt remind me of the colors in our Vintage Log Cabin Quilt, definitely Christmas colors with a little additional spice to them.

Christmas Log Cabin Quilt by fellow master gardener Harriet Bain makes me smile every time I see it. This one was on display at the 2013 Piece and Plenty Quilt Guild show in Rolla, Missouri.

Sounds just like some of my personal projects, the traditional patchwork quilt started out as a tree skirt and literally grew from there! 

Quilt patterns tend to look different from different perspectives, especially log cabin quilt patterns. Up close, the fabrics prevail. From a distance, different-colored fabrics add to the overall design depending on whether fabrics are light or dark.

Plenty of time to get one of these done for Christmas 2015. Have you made a log cabin patchwork quilt?