Why Custom Quilts Take Time

The site visitor was charming on the phone, calling before 6 am to ask if she paid us a "rush" fee, could we get a custom quilt started and finished for her in a week.
It wasn't that we didn't want to help but making a custom double wedding ring quilt, one of the hardest patchwork quilt designs, in a week is just not possible. It takes an average of 4 specialists to make one quilt, and we get them made in as little as 3 months - less if the quilt is simpler. "So how come I read some people can make a quilt in a week" she persisted. If the quilt is a simple enough pattern - large fabric blocks, for example, it's conceivable a quilt can be finished in a week but this was not the kind of quilt the caller said she wanted. Bluebird Gardens custom quilts, as most quilts do, go through at least 8 steps in the process of getting made:

  1. Finalizing details including quilt size, design, fabric colors, getting photos to be used on photo memory quilts, and final price, including a deposit.
  2. Quilt materials get laid out and photographed for a final look prior to starting.
  3. Quilt pieces are cut and sewn together to make the quilt top.
  4. Pieced quilt top gets embroidered.
  5. Quilt top is quilted.
  6. Quilt top is "bound" to finish edges.
  7. Quilt label and any other embellishments are adde
  8. Quilt is photographed and wrapped for shipping.
  9. Finished quilt is shipped usually two-day priority mail with quilt care guide.

If you're planning on getting a custom quilt made, plan on at least 3 months; in some cases, there's a one year waiting list, sometimes longer, especially if you want the quilt hand quilted.

A good, detailed custom handmade quilt takes a little time to make, and from the comments we get, is well worth the wait.