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Custom Picture Quilts Wrap You in Memories!

Photo memory quilts are a popular gift for a variety of occasions. We make a variety of custom photo memory quilts from custom quilts with just photos to custom quilts with photos, mementos and original clothing. Bluebird Gardens Quilt Design Service can help you easily design and make heirloom quality custom photo memory quilts with photos, original art, mementos as well as other memory items such as t-shirts and other clothing.

To get your started, the following basic information about custom photo memory quilts:

What Photos Can I Use?
Because we use the highest quality photo printing fabric on the market, both black and white and color  photos will work for picture quilts and other photo memory items.

Changing sizes from original prints can affect photo sharpness and color.
By sizing them yourself, you can decide whether you still want to use a particular photo instead of struggling later if the photo doesn't work well. You can  also use your scrapbooking pages to make custom quilt blocks (photo). You can also mix photos with other mementos and memorabilia to design quilt blocks.

How Many Photos Can I Include?  
That depends on the  size of the picture quilts and photo memory quilts, photo sizes and how many pictures you want featured per quilt block. You can use one photo per block. You can also fit two 3x5 or 2 4x6 photos per 8.5x11 quilt block, or arrange several photos to make a photo collage per block. To make the quilt design process easier for you, we use 8.5x11 quilt blocks, the same size as a standard sheet of paper. To give you a beginning reference, we'll show you photos of basic photo memory quilts and outline in general how many photos will fit on several favorite sizes of custom photo memory quilts.

Can I Include A Patchwork Quilt Pattern?
Sure can! We recommend keeping the photo memory quilt patchwork pattern simple  so that it doesn't detract from photos, embroidery or whatever else is on the custom photo memory quilt. One good way to include a patchwork design in a photo quilt is to make sure photos have white space around them so they stand out from the rest of the quilt. In photo, we added a ninepatch patchwork design to the corners of the photo memory throw.

How To Pick Custom Photo Memory Quilt Colors
If photos are taken inside and have a dark background, we recommend  lighter color fabrics  to set off photos. If photos were taken outside and have good lighting, dark colors in photo memory quilts will look good. Besides those guidelines, it's a matter of personal taste. We will discuss options  and recommendations with you prior to starting your photo memory quilt. You are also welcome to send us a design, fabric samples or items that have the colors you want (photo). You can also select and send us your own fabrics.  We can give you needed yardage and will discount the final quilt price.

Can I Add A Special Date or Message?
You can add poems, special messages, sayings, lyrics, company logos, unit crests as well as wedding, birthday and anniversary dates. The guideline we use for sizing any custom embroidery work is the larger the photos in photo memory quilts, the larger the font type size you should use. We will also recommend a font size. We can also make custom quilt blocks with your poem or other message printed onto the fabric. We can also embroider fabric and place your personalized custom message on the back of custom photo memory quilt.

Can We Incorporate Art Work?
Anything you can either scan or print can be included in a custom photo memory quilt. One of our favorite art to include in custom photo memory quilts is original artwork like children's drawings.

Can I Include Clothing In Custom Photo Quilts?
We can make memory quilts out of clothing such as baby clothes (photo) and incorporate clothing into custom memory quilts. Let us know what part of the clothing is important to incorporate into the overall custom memory quilt design.

What Makes Your Custom Photo Quilts Different?
The color matching we do with the overall quilt design and our high quality cotton fabrics make our photo memory quilts heirloom quality custom quilts. We also use Color Plus Fabrics  designed and developed by a silk tie manufacturer. Color quality and permanent color retention are the best we've seen on the market.

Can You Transfer Photos and Art Onto Fabric So I Can Make My Own Quilts?
We certainly can!  We recommend you send original art work and/or photos for best resolution and indicate whether you want the art work and/or photos printed vertically or horizontally. We also ask that you send us the actual photos you want printed. We will email you to confirm that we've received the art work and/or photos.

Can I Wash Photo Memory Quilts?
Because of the high quality photo transfer fabric we use, photos are permanently set and photo memory quilts can be washed. We recommend using cold water and low PH soap such as Ivory to preserve photo colors.

Can I Put Photos On Finished Quilts?
We've transferred photos to fabric and appliqued photos onto existing quilt designs. We've also incorporated photos into a design on quilts, lap quilts, crib quilts, baby quilts, pillows, shirt pockets and napkins. What you can do with photos is limited only by your imagination!

How Do I Order Custom Picture Quilts and Photo Memory Quilts?
You can send us your original concept on paper, as the customers in the photo did. (And yes, one of the designs was on the back of an envelope!) You can also call us at 877-598-1908 to discuss. We recommend you start by filling out our online quilt design form or email us the details of your picture quilts and photo memory quilts. That way we can think through your comments so that when we talk we can discuss options. We usually have at least one conversation with customers to cover specifics including cost prior to finalizing the photo memory quilt design and getting the picture quilts and photo memory quilts started.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Photo Memory Quilt?

Plan on 4 months. It usually takes 2-4 weeks to finalize details. The manufacturing process takes about 3 months; less for smaller quilts, more time for larger ones. The time starts counting once all details are finalized and a 25% down payment is received.

How Do I Get My Photos To You?
You can send them hard copy to the following address:
Bluebird Gardens, 1001 Bluebird Lane, Rolla, MO 65401.
If you send hard copy photos, we'll return them when we ship you the completed custom quilt. You can also email photos in jpg format to 4bluebirdgardens at A small additional fee may apply to cover the cost of downloading and setting up photos in the proper size and format.