Cutter Quilts

If you collect old handmade quilts then you've come across cutter quilts. Cutter quilts, such as double wedding ring cutter quilts, are well-loved handmade quilts that have stained and torn areas along with areas that are relatively untouched. Cutter quilts may also be missing pieces of filling or fabric in spots or on the back. These handmade quilts are no longer usable as bedding. Often fabrics have deteriorated enough that a couple more washings may cause further damage to the damaged quilt. Cutter quilts are usually sold at auctions at discount.

Use Cutter Quilts to Make Other Home Decor and Gift Items

When buying cutter quilts to make into other items, inspect it carefully to make sure there is enough fabric with integrity left so that you can sew the quilt pieces together.

Cutter quilts can be a good buy to make into pillows, animals and clothing. Altering the original handmade quilt does change the value. If the cutter quilt is a family heirloom, making the quilt into other home decor items is a good way to retain memories associated with the original quilt. Make sure to add the name of the original quilter to the re-purposed quilt. That way family members will know the item has special family value.