Custom T-Shirt Quilts Recycle Good Memories

Custom T-Shirt Quilts Recycle Good Memories
T-shirts have been favorite personalized gifts for years and become one of our country's favorite all-time clothing. Even I, who didn't grow up with t-shirts, have a collection of all-time special ones: favorite t-shirts from special events, or t-shirts that made an event special. After they've been used in the garden, or workshop, they still have those memories you can't bear to loose. Then what?

Preserve and recapture those memories in Bluebird Gardens Custom T-Shirt Quilts, Custom T-Shirt Throws and Custom T-Shirt Pillows as well as Custom Sweatshirt Quilts.

How Bluebird Gardens Makes Custom Quilts Out of TShirts
We take favorite t-shirts and sweatshirts and make custom quilts and handmade pillows that feature the best part of the clothing: logos, sayings and colors.

Starts with Clean, Uncut T-Shirts
Our  Custom T-Shirt Quilts  start with your favorite washed clothing we cut into either patchwork blocks or different sizes I call our  crazy t-shirt  design. Cotton and jersey t-shirts are stabilized with lightweight stabilizer so jersey and other flexible fabrics don't stretch during quilting, and afterwards, during use. We can also add photos to custom t-shirt quilts and custom sweatshirt quilts. After pieces are sewn together, we can  add custom embroidery to personalize custom t-shirt quilts with names, dates and favorite sayings. Our custom t-shirt quilts are comfortably oversized to better provide coverage for contemporary bed sizes and additional bed padding.

How Many T-Shirts Can Be Used in Custom T-Shirt Quilts?
The following are quilt sizes and  number of t-shirts (or sweatshirts) per quilt sizes and approximate prices. Each side of a t-shirt counts as 1 shirt. One t-shirt with logos on both front and back count as two shirts.  Adding photos and embroidery are extra.

Custom T-Shirt Quilts with Fabric Strips
For custom t-shirt quilts with fabric in between or custom sweatshirt quilts:

  • Throw 56x67: 20 t-shirts or sweatshirts $329-$350
  • Twin 70x90: 35 t-shirts $379-$399
  • Full/Queen size 90x90: 49 t-shirts $449
  • King size 100x110: 64 t-shirts $499
  • Custom t-shirt throw 55x65: 30 t-shirts or sweatshirts $329
  • Custom t-shirt Twin quilt 70x90: 64 t-shirts $399
  • Custom tshirt Full/Queen Size quilt 90x90: 81 t-shirts $429
  • Custom t-shirt King Size quilt 100x110: 110 t-shirts $479
  • Custom t-shirt throw 55x65: no more than 50 t-shirts $350
  • Custom t-shirt twin quilt 70x90: no more than 70 t-shirts $399
  • Custom t-shirt full/Queen quilt 90x90: no more than 100 t-shirts $ 479
  • Custom t-shirt king quilt 100x110: no more than 125 t-shirts $499

Can You Use Both T-Shirts and Sweatshirts in Custom T-Shirt Quilts?
It's best to make custom t-shirt quilts all out of t-shirts or sweatshirts and not mix them. The difference in fabric thickness will make the blocks uneven but we have successfully blended a few at quilt corners.

Custom T-Shirt Quilts Machine Quilted
Our custom t-shirt quilts are finished with outline and pattern  machine quilting and a complimentary hem. Backing is a standard white quilting muslin unless you specify a different backing. An additional cost will apply. Custom t-shirt quilts take 2-3 months from when the order is placed to be completed.
We return original photos and unused clothing when we ship finished custom t-shirt quilts. Custom t-shirt quilts are shipped with a free quilt care guide. Once machine quilted, your custom t-shirt quilt is ready to keep you warm and bring back favorite memories.

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