Clothes Quilts

Re-Purpose Clothes Into Custom Quilts
Recycling clothing into quilts is a good way to preserve special memories and reuse clothing. Over the years, we've made a number of quilts out of clothes including wedding dresses, favorite khakis, shirts and blouses, baby and children's clothes, handkerchiefs, table cloths - if it's made out of fabric, it can be made into a custom quilt. Because these quilts are custom, no two are exactly alike. We offer these custom clothes quilts as ideas to get you started thinking about what kind of custom quilt you would like us to make for you. One of Bluebird Gardens customer favorite combinations is to take a few favorite clothing pieces and add photos printed onto fabric. Custom Clothing Quilts have also been made into quilted wall hangings when we've added a sleeve on the back so the finished quilt can easily be hung on a wall for a room focal point.

Custom Patchwork Block Quilts
Customers have also sent us men's suits, shirts, t-shirts and ties we've made into custom patchwork block quilts. On the back side, we added ties with embroidered names of the individuals getting the clothing memory quilts. These custom patchwork block quilts feature patchwork blocks on the front and variable sized clothing blocks on the back, making these quilts easily reversible.

Custom Wedding Dress Quilts
Wedding and bride's maid dresses are good candidates for custom quilts and throws. Depending on fabrics in the dresses, many can be preserved in custom patchwork quilts. Some dresses, made out of organza and silk, may not be the best candidates for custom quilts.

Custom Baby Clothes Quilts
Whether it's saving favorite baby clothes, or making quilts out of baby clothes pieces, we can make custom baby clothes quilts  that can be charming and unique home decor.

Custom Baby Clothes Dreams Quilt was a birthday gift for a Dad who loved the idea of a quilt made out of his kids clothes spread all over the bed!

And No Need to Pick Anything Up!