Blue Green Doxie Throw

A customer wanted a custom dachshund quilt but wanted her daughter to help pick out the fabrics. Since they couldn't describe the colors they wanted, I suggested they go shopping and send us paint chips in the colors they liked.

After sending us the paint chips of the right tones, it was my turn to go shopping to find a range of possible fabrics in the blues and greens they wanted. The first set of fabrics had two they didn't want in each fabric pile. One more double-check and we were all set to mix and max doxies, flopping ears, and fabrics.

One of the features of this custom quilt is that almost any fabric will work, the more different the patterns the better. We usually pick smaller prints for the floppy ears but even big prints work on those charming, three-dimensional ears. To give the doxies extra dimension, we use a meandering machine quilting stitch in the center of each of the blocks to help the dog shapes pop.

Aren't these cute?