Are Handmade Baby Quilts Little Quilts?

I always smile when I think of the little girl at a craft fair who asked me about "baby quilts" being "teeny tiny."

Baby quilts certainly can be smaller versions of bigger quilts; they more often are  little works of art made just for babies!

Receiving Blankets Baby's First Baby Quilt
Receiving blankets  are often a baby's first quilt.
Receiving blankets are usually square,  either 30x30 or 36x36 inches. If baby is lucky, grandma will  crochet a baby quilt  that keeps baby warm on baby's way home from the hospital. Our receiving blankets  are very soft; made out of fleece, cotton flannel or brushed cotton, all which are soft on a new baby's skin.

Standard Crib Quilt Size
Standard crib baby quilts are  36x48 inches  and fit standard baby crib sizes. Crib baby quilts  easily fit under crib bumpers  without overlap over mattress sides.

Baby Crib Quilts Handy Home Decor
Between their design and size, crib quilts make  quick quilted wall hangings,  which can easily change a room into a baby nursery. Some ready made crib baby quilts  have sleeves on the back  that can quickly be used to change crib baby quilts into quilted wall hangings. When not in use, sleeve lies flat against the crib quilt back. I try to add sleeves to  Bluebird Gardens crib quilts  whenever we can!

Handmade Baby Quilts Also Throws
Handmade baby quilts can vary in size, depending on the quilt design.
Some baby quilts are made in  standard throw sizes 50x60 inches.Those larger baby quilts work well for older babies  developing a theme or character interest.

Even though they are larger than standard crib quilts, baby quilt throws are also great candidates for wall hangings to quickly change a room into a nursery. Some ready made throws, as well as baby quilt throws we make, come with either loops or sleeves on the back so you can easily hang them once you get them.

Welcome, Baby!