Santa Express Lap Quilt Throw

Santa Express Lap Quilt.jpg

Santa Express Lap Quilt Throw

I have to confess, I like easy decorating tips. Actually I prefer easy decorating and that’s why Santa Express Lap Quilt Throw is a personal favorite.

We grew up setting up HO-scale trains around our Christmas tree every year. The track set up itself could take a whole week to lay out so that each of us had a train, and a switch to operate. Once the trains were rolling, the objective was to keep the train engines from running into each other and the cats from knocking the train cars off the tracks.

It was a lot of fun and I can still recall the smell of cookies baking in the kitchen as we laughed at the cats and sometimes didn’t work so hard at keeping the train engines from running into each other.

This brand new, 50x60-inch holiday lap quilt reminds me of those holidays down to the child-like applique designs along the lap quilt border.

If you want to give this as a personalized gift, a family name can be embroidered along the bottom red border.. Or for fun, family member names can be added to the train cars.

Just imagine this hanging from a wall in your den or entrance way, it would quickly add a holiday flavor to any room!