Felt Flower Ribbons

Felt Flower Ribbons

Loved these handmade felt flower ribbons! 

The ribbons were awarded at Piece and Plenty Quilt Guild's 2015 annual show, a lovely tribute to the dozens of beautiful quilts and other quilted items guild members made.

Since it's now mid-July, time to start making holiday gifts - I know, it snuck up on me, too - I will be featuring some of my favorite quilted items including handmade quilts, bags, wall hangings and seating for gift inspiration. I know I review some of the photos for color combinations, textures, even quilt descriptions all give my creativity a boost.

And those felt flower ribbons? Well, wouldn't hurt to collect one of those someday, would it, such a lovely little personalized floral-themed gift, like our flowers day of the week dish towels. A flower a day makes the blues go away, or at least brings a smile!

Have you been awarded a ribbon for your quilt?