Midnight in the Garden Quilt Wall Hanging

Midnight in Garden quilt wall hanging.

Midnight in Garden Quilt Wall Hanging

When I think of Halloween, black cats play a prominent place in those thoughts. My first cat was a gorgeous black cat with yellow eyes, and this quilt wall hanging reminded me of her.

"Midnight in the Garden" quilt wall hanging was shared at Piece and Plenty Quilt Guild's 2015 bi-annual show in Rolla, Missouri. Unfortunately the description attached the quilt was a complaint about not being able to use Pay Pal to pay for the entry so I don't have a lot of details about the quilt.

It was made by Dorreene Reynolds and is 23-inches by 19-inches, a nice wall hanging size, by the way. Installed at the right place on a wall this charming quilt wall hanging could easily "fill in" for a missing window.

Besides the black cat's green eyes, I love the circular flowers among the applique greenery. 

And why is the cat in the garden at midnight?

Check out the other garden visitor in the bottom left hand corner.