January Flower of the Month

Carnations or Dianthus, their Latin botanical name, are the January flower of the month for personalized gift-giving.

Carnations, along with a number of favorite garden flowers, are ancient flowers, possibly named from the Greek word for flower garlands, since this long-lived flower was a popular choice for those floral decorations. According to the Victorian-era language of flowers, carnations in general represent fascination and divine love. Each different carnation flower color also has it's own special meaning:

Pink carnation: I will never forget you

Purple carnation: Capriciousness

Red carnation: My Heart Aches for You; admiration

Solid carnation: Yes

Striped carnation: Sorry I can't be with you or Wish I could be with you.

Yellow carnation: Rejection, you have disappointed me.

White carnation: Woman's good luck gift.

So what is this bouquet of carnations saying to you in the "language of flowers"?