Live Laugh Bark Photo Personalized Gift Idea

Live Laugh Bark photo.

Live Laugh Bark Photo Personalized Gift Idea

When I saw this little photo frame in my local bank, I thought of all of my friends with dogs and how they would enjoy having one of these personalized frames with their favorite canine photo. How many of your friends have photos of their pets on their desks and homes? Mine, too!

The most challenging part would be getting the photo of the dog looking up. Having dog treats handy would help, and many enlist someone to hold the treat out of the photo shot while you take it should make this process easier.

If the mustache idea is too complicated, just get a good photo of the dog and add the Live * Laugh * Bark" on the bottom of the photo frame paper border. If you use paper, you can easily slip it over the photo mat, which is much thicker.

These would also make a nice throw pillow. So sweet and simple, and a wonderful personalized gift idea for any occasion!