December Birth Stone: Turquoise

My physical therapist Kellys' beautiful Persian turquoise gold ring.

My physical therapist Kellys' beautiful Persian turquoise gold ring.

December Birth Stone Turquoise

My Outpatient Therapist Kelly wears the most beautiful Persian turquoise gold ring. Persian turquoise, she tells me, doesn't have the striation lines that we normally associate with this stone.

Turquoise has been mined in Iran, formerly known as Persia, for more than 5,000 years.  Although Iranian production accounts for just a small proportion of the world's total output, Iranian turquoise still sets the standard for quality.

In Iran, turquoise is called “Ferozah," which translated means "victory."  It is Iran's national gemstone. 

It is believed that the first specimens of turquoise to which the Europeans were exposed probably came from Iran via trading posts in Turkey.  

The best of Iranian turquoise is rich blue, with less matrix than most turquoise mined elsewhere.  It is also distinguished by white patches.  Turquoise is never a hard mineral, but Iranian turquoise is usually harder than turquoise mined in other locations. 

Today, only the turquoise coming from the Southwest U.S. comes close to Iranian turquoise in color richness and beauty.

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