How to Draw Ladybugs

Ladybugs are a favorite garden friend and can easily be hand drawn, we add them to our cards and tags all the time.

  1. Draw slightly oval red circles with a red marking pen. Start with a size you're comfortable with to practice, then make them smaller or larger, depending on how you want to use them. Regular marking pens are better than thin ones because they more quickly fill in the oval. Allow to dry.
  2. Using a thin black marking pen, draw a small circle at one end for the head. Add a black semi-circle down the middle. If you want to draw different angled ladybugs, you can move the semi-circle closer to one side or the other to make the ladybug look like it's moving. Sprinkle with little dots, at least 3 per side. Finish by adding 3 legs on each side. Be careful if you leave the pen on the paper for too long or the leg will end up with a thick stroke.
  3. Allow to dry for a few minutes before you slip these into envelopes; they'll need to dry or they'll smudge.