Tiny Last Flower Bouquet

Tiny fall flowers bouquet from Bluebird Gardens.

Tiny Last Flower Bouquet

The weather forecaster promised a hard frost, the first of the season. It was mid November 2016 and we were still enjoying temperatures in the 80s and breaking established records for warm weather. In some ways, I was looking forward to the colder temperatures and a break in the garden work.

I went for my last walk in the garden, looking for whatever might still be blooming. I can usually find wildflowers in a nearby field but not much in my flower beds. I didn't expect to find much this time, either but I was wrong, around every corner I found some little flower still holding on and showing some color.

The New England Asters were the first so I took a little sprig off the side. Pink mums were in another corner, just one little sprig but it doesn't take much to put together a tiny flower bouquet.

A pink Knockout rose was in  a flower bed under a window, and the red geraniums were blooming in a pot inside I passed by on my way in.

The yellow mums were from a friend who shared his stash with me and a sprig was lying on my garage floor.

Together, they made a lovely little flower bouquet I now have on my kitchen island brightening up my kitchen and promising more red from the upcoming holidays.

Other side of tiny fall flower bouquet with mums.

We like to think flower bouquets have to be big but the small ones may have as much, if not more, beauty all by their little selves.