Homemade Cat Toys

Bluebird Gardens has always had a soft spot for animals, especially cats - from custom cat days of week dish towels to sleeping cat quilts, cats are a natural companion to quilts.

One of the things that inspires us about cats is how imaginative and creative they are; cats will make a toy out of almost anything! In photo, Shirley Honey and her latest new "toy," long rubber bands. Shirley Honey has now hoarded every rubber band in the house - the longer the better, and she instinctively seems to know when a new rubber band comes through the door.

Her favorite supplier is US Postal Service - they use the longer rubber bands around mail bundles. At first I was worried she would chew or eat them but she doesn't, she likes to toss them in the air and watch them squiggle when they hit the ground. I still monitor the rubber bands, just in case. Apparently they are
decorative; I find them moved  around the house, even in the fish tank.



Welcome to Made Just For You.

I started Bluebird Gardens in 1998 on the premise that everyone can make
something; they just don’t always think of it as being special.
In my world, it is the thought that counts.
I’ll let you in on a little secret; making something for someone is
sometimes more fun than giving it away.
I’ll be featuring those wonderful homemade handmade things,
and the people who are special enough to get them.

What are you making?