Last Red Rose of the Season

Last red rose of the season from my garden.

This red rose is the last one of the season from my garden.

Last Red Rose of the Season

I was surprised to find this red rose in bud at the entrance to my garden. These started as miniature roses, a gift from a friend last year.

I planted the miniature red rose at the entrance to my garden, a reminder of her kindness and a pretty welcome when I come home.

The little rose bush bloomed most of the season, fed with a combination of dried banana peels, coffee grounds, crushed egg shells and a dash of Epsom salt.

As I was tucking my garden in for winter, I was sure I had seen the last of the roses.

Glad I was wrong; this one is gorgeous. I cut it off above a five-leaf and added it to a vase with a couple other flowers still blooming. There is little more I enjoy than having a fresh vase of flowers on my coffee table. Regardless of the weather outside, it's like having a little bit of my garden still blooming.

One of the home decor articles I read earlier said adding fresh flowers was a good way to finish a room. The article also said fresh flowers are the first thing visitors notice in a room. I know I do!